Storyline 3 large quiz submits 18-20 resume interactions to Scorm 2004 LMS for each question

Apr 10, 2018

We've had a problem with Storyline 3 courses using an LMS with Scorm 2004, 4th edition.  The resume data is getting truncated, and in part I believe it is because Storyline is sending too much resume data to the LMS.

I am having resume issues with smaller classes as well, but it nearly always has to do with the quiz.  Most of my classes are 10-15 minutes of auto-play audio with moving slides, followed by a quiz of 5-10 questions.  When a student leaves, and comes back to resume, often the quiz will display, but not allow any interactions.  They can click buttons and radio buttons, but the slide will not proceed.

In the most extreme example, I have a final quiz for the course that has 10 question banks, randomly drawing 50 questions from about 300 possible questions.  In this example, when we looked at the Scorm data that the Storyline 3 project was sending the the LMS, it appeared to send 18-20 different time.  Here's what my developer said:

"The problem can be demonstrated by loading the SCORM .zip file into, starting the module, answering 2 questions, exiting out of the module, resuming it, answering two more questions, exiting out, and viewing the debug log of the second session. For each question answered, the answer is stored roughly 20 times (19 times for question 3, 18 for question 4"

Is this a bug in the storyline modules?

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