Storyline 3.o courses corrupt when opeinging with Storyline 360

Nov 25, 2019

I have courses that I created using Storyline 3.0 in which I insert video. It is sort of a template file.  We have since converted to 360.  I open this file in 360, insert a video (WMV) and save it. Now I am finding when I want to reopen this file, I get an error message stating that this file cannot be opened because it is either corrupt or created in an earlier version of Storyline.  Is 360 NOT able to open files created with older versions?  Has anyone else run into this? I have attached in which I am inserting video.

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Jo Lamontagne

Hi, not sure if you've managed to resolve this.  I had a similar problem but couldn't recover the file.  However, this is the process I was advised to follow :


Fingers crossed you get a better result! 

Katie Riggio

Hi, Kyle. So sorry you're running into those errors!

I opened the .story file in Storyline 360, Update 34, where I didn't run into either message. Here's a short video recording of my test!

Have no fear, though, as we're ready to keep digging! A few questions to help us nail down the culprit:

  • Can I confirm that you're saving your projects on a local (C:) drive? Working on a network drive can cause such errors, so I always like to rule that out as the culprit!
  • Is this happening with other files or just this one?
Kyle Gomon

I am having this issue with most of the files that were created in Storyline 3.0. I am working off an external hard drive. I can open them just fine, but once I save them with 360, I can no longer open them. The files are too large as they contain video, so I will open a support case.


Thank you.