Issue inserting a particular mp4 video into Storyline

I have successfully inserted many .mp4 videos in my Storyline courses.  In a course that I am currently developing, I have nine videos to integrate and eight of them are inserted and working correctly.  For some reason, one, is not able to be inserted into my Storyline file.  This no matter the order that I attempt to insert them (if it is first, fifth, or ninth).  

With this particular .mp4 video my Storyline just sits there spinning attempting to integrate it.  The power usage on my computer stays at "Very high".  My computer CPU, memory, and disc space have no shortages that could be interfering.  

Nothing with my file appears to be corrupt; I am able to open the video file on my computer, play the video, edit the video re-save as a different name.  Open with other software, etc.

I have even attempted changing the video file to a different file extension (.mov and .avi for example).  With the .mov and .avi, I can actually completely insert the video in my Storyline file, test it works, and then save it.  However, unfortunately once this is done I cannot open my Storyline file because it gives me a message the that file was created on an older version with some compatibility issue that makes it inaccessible.

I am at my wits end with this issue... Any suggestions, or help, would be greatly appreciated!

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