Storyline 3 Storyline 360 compatibility

Hello all,

I was helping someone out with a storyline file that was initially developed in Storyline 3. Once I made a few changes to the file (in Storyline 360), I sent the file back to the person and she could no longer access the file. I made sure to not include any Storyline 360 functionality. All I did was correct colors, adjust timelines, position of items, etc.

Can someone help me with this issue so that the person can use my file and not need to redo everything that I did directly in Storyline 3.


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Stefanie Lawless

Hi Diane 

Here is a great article that describes the compatibility between the software:

I would recommend asking the person what version of Storyline 3 they have installed. If they're on an older version, they may have trouble opening it. Storyline 3 updates often include updates to bring compatibility back to the software. You can see the latest version information of Storyline 3 here:

Hope that helps!


Diane Poirier

Hi Stefanie,

Thank you for the info. I had actually seen the first article and made sure not to use any functionality that could come into conflict between the two versions.

That said, the problem we are having is with Text Autofit Improvements although we are not making the capsule accessible as there is no need. As for updating Storyline 3, unfortunately we cannot do this as the project is in a government facility and they do not carry out updates automatically as they need to vet everything first.

At this point, the only solution I can do is to guide the person (virtually through Teams) on how to carry out the same corrections I did before the holidays.