Storyline 3 | Tracking issues using variables

Dec 14, 2018

Hi Folks, I am in strange situation I was getting stuck in the assessment loop and the sub menu items were still not tracking in LMS.

 I’ve done a bit of investigation and it looks to me as though the issues are only occurring when the course is running in Flash. When I set Flash to ‘ask’ instead of ‘allow’ permissions in browser the sub menus tracked and I was able to get out of the assessment loop. I am using Chrome. 

The assessment and sub menu items(these are the screens where the user has to click on the screen items to reveal the content in the layers and sub-layers) are custom created using variables and graphics.

Storyline version: Storyline 3  3.01762.0


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Crystal Horn

Hi Gnaneswar.  Are you using variables in trigger conditions for your slide objects?  Or do you see problems with referencing your variables in text?

The first thing you can try is updating Storyline 3 to the latest version.  We're always adding improvements and fixes, so your issue could be resolved with the update.  If that doesn't work, can I have a look at your .story file?  Attach it here in your reply or use this link if it's sensitive content.  Thanks! 

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