Storyline 3 Trick to Capture Variable Values in Quiz for LMS not Working?

When I use the Quiz trick to try and capture numeric variables I have in my package, it works for one question but not two.  

As I have numerous values to capture I need an option to capture more than one variable.

I followed the steps here: 

The values I need are numeric so I am using a HOW MANY Survey Q.

The attached simple files shows the issue.

- Slide 1 sets the values of the two variables

- Slide 2 uses the quiz trick to capture MYVAR1 and works

- Slide 3 uses the same quiz trick and just hangs

Anyone know what's going on here and is there a simple solution?

You can see the file as a demo here - first with One How Many Q and then Result, then with two How Many Q's - it hangs for me on the second :( 




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

I couldn't access your link, as I saw a 504 error, but I was able to take a look at your slides. I saw the freezing you mentioned going from slide 2 to slide 3.

I tested again by adding a blank slide after slide 2, and it was still freezing, so it seems there is something wrong with that slide in the project.

I was able to successfully set this up in a new project to confirm the method still works. Can you tell me if your project is stored on your C drive/locally vs. a network/shared drive? The latter is known to cause issues with how a file can behave, ultimately leading to corruption. 

Mark Shepherd

Hi Kevin:

It's a bit of an outside chance, but...

...another detail you may want to test out is the possibility your Storyline 3 source .story file may have gotten content-corrupted during the publishing process or during a previous save.

This was somewhat incidental during use of Storyline 2, so I have not (yet) had much experience with that in Storyline 3 to be able to speak to that extensively.

That said, you might want to try out the standard procedure for testing for this by:

  • Creating a new Blank SL3 Project.
  • Copy and Paste all Course Content from the old SL3 project to the new one. This essentially "refreshes" the internal course structure and forces a minor reset.
  • Re-save and Re-publish/test to see if your Quiz Variable trick works.

I've tried this trick in the past and have had some minor/limited success with it using SL2, but echoing Ashley's statements, I'm unsure if it will work beyond a couple of variables at most.

Hope this helps.



Kevin Hayes

Hi all - in the end I achieved what I needed to do (capturing a number of custom variables) by using this neat trick - this grabs all my variables and their values and submits them to a Google Sheet stored on Google Drive: 

I'll hand over this PoC to my LMS experts who can then work out how to populate the LMS record....