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Jun 18, 2020

Hi, can anyone help me. I have a slide where I want the user to press a code (on buttons) in the correct way. I need them to type in a code and when they press the last button in the correct way, the slide will take them to a Congratulation slide.

I have made it to where the user can press the code and when they press the last one, they go to the Congratulation slide, the only thing is that, they can press the code in any order and they still go to the congratulation slide.


I hope you can help me?

Thanks - Ditte 

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Ned Whiteley

HI Ditte,

The attached example was one I provided a while ago to help someone who was trying to open a combination lock. Hopefully it will provide the answer you are after.

In the example, I have used the correctly entered code to turn on the green light, but in your case this would jump to the Congratulations slide.

If you have any problems understanding what I have done, just get back to me here.

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