Storyline 360 - 3 modules in Moodle, but Grades not reporting in Moodle

Apr 12, 2021

Good morning, I did check the other Moodle discussions, but can't find my specific situation.

I am using the latest version of storyline 360, and Moodle version 3.8.  We have put three storyline modules in a course.  The storyline modules do not have a trackable quiz, the learners complete by us publishing storyline with a "complete" trigger, scorm 1.2.  The dashboard in Moodle will show the % of progress as they go to Module 1, 2 and 3 but not perfectly.  After module 1 it says 75%, but our main concern is the grade reporting, for each module they finish it says 0% for grade report.  I have attached one of the modules, plus a few screenshots, if anyone knows what I may need to do in either storyline or Moodle that would be great.

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