Completion based on how many modules viewed


I have a project with 3 modules contained in it. Is it possible to report to the LMS how many of these modules have been completed? I thought perhaps I could assign a grade to a variable, ie module 1 completed is score 1, module 2 completed is score 2, etc, and then report on the score variable. But not sure how to do the reporting.

Thanks, Simon

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Brian Allen

You can pass the value of custom variables to your LMS as part of the SCORM interaction data... Here's a kb article describing a method I've used successfully in our LMS -

The reporting is def going to be your challenge, and it's dependent upon your LMS. 

Not every LMS will even capture and store SCORM interaction data like this, and even some of those that do will not store this in a way that makes reporting easy or even possible.

Your best route with reporting is to start a thread here and try to find people who use Storyline and your LMS, OR contact your LMS vendor for guidance. Or both, lol

Good luck