Storyline 360 and question states

Hello all, I don't remember this happening before '360', but a multiple choice question seems to be behaving oddly when customising (initially a built-in graded question).

I want coloured rectangles 'behind' the text for normal/hover/selected states.

If I put a colour fill on the text box it shows it has round corners. I'd like square corners but can't see where to change it.

If I use shapes behind the text, any shape I put in the Normal state then carries over to the other states. Even if I put a shape in the other states, the 'Normal' shape shows on top. This is on preview of slide, not when working on the slide.

It also happens when making custom buttons - basically the Normal state carries through to the others unless its something like a physical change of an external image asset. Anything 'internal' i.e. shape or text box carries through?

Thanks in advance!

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Steven Croft

Hi, I've opened a case for this: 01047355 if priority could be escalated that would be great. I've tried a clean standard file and still the shape in the normal state is present in all other states. Can anyone test this happens for them too!? I've updated Storyline.