Storyline 360 Animations & Motion Path Problems

I'm having a problem in storyline360 where some motion paths will animate as they are supposed to during timeline preview, and some will not... they don't budge.  Also, when I go to preview the slide, it changes... and some of the ones previously animating correctly no longer move and some of the problems I had in timeline preview are animating correctly.  I've been trying to figure this out for nearly two hours... what is going on??

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Ali Goulet

Hey there Kristen! Thanks so much for sharing your file here. I took a look at it and everything appears to function as intended while previewing on my end. I would definitely recommend moving the file to your C: drive and working from there. As Crystal mentioned, working from an external hard drive can cause some erratic and undesirable behavior.

Keep us posted on how that goes! 

By the way- Cool use of motion paths for the refrigeration process, very engaging!

Vicki Knowler

Hi Kristen Erwin, I'm New to actually suggesting any solutions usually asking for help, but in order to work with motions paths, you need to understand how they work. 

motion paths with triggers (trigger wizard - action : move) if that trigger is deleted Or in this case, the object with the move trigger has lefts the slide then, the motion path won't work 

rather use the Timeline, e.g Move Cool LP Vapor - on path When the timeline reaches 2.5s

Click on the arrow object that moves the Cool LPVapor and change that trigger to the attached png or above statement.

hope that helps