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May 14, 2018


I'm looking for guidance on applying audio to storyline. I have one base slide with 3 layers. The base layer has intro audio and the 3 slide layers have audio. I know how to play and pause media for the base layer, but the trouble I'm having is with the slide layers. Do I add audio to the slide layer or onto the base layer? In addition, when I click on the layers and click back on another layer I already reviewed the audio overlaps. I can get them to work smoothly on the first round of clicks, but if I repeat a click on a layer I already visited the audio overlaps.

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Bob O'Donnell

We've been using multiple layers with audio clips for a recent project. For our setup, we've set the layer properties as preventing the user from clicking on the base layer. In our case, we have a close button for the popup layers, but it could easily close automatically once the timeline is done.

So, our base layer selectable options are set to pause the timeline when an option is selected. The option selected layer pops up, plays the audio and can be closed by the user. The audio never overlaps with this setup. I believe we have each set to reset to its initial state.

You can always post a sample story/slide if you want someone to take a look at your slide setup.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

see if the attached update to your file works...I duplicated your slide and changed the following:

Put each audio clip on it's own layer. Set the layer properties to 'hide other slide layer' and 'prevent user clicking on base layer'. Set a trigger to hide layer when media completes on the audio.

Highlighted the three buttons  > right click > button set which means only one button can be selected at any time.

Hope this helps

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