Storyline 360 check on video autoplay

Nov 13, 2017

Hi there. I just tested something using Articulate 360 and it ran exactly as I hoped. I have two slides in a scene and slide 2 has a trigger to play the video at the start of the timeline. What I was concerned about was on a mobile device whether it would stop and give me > that I had to press, but it went ahead and played it. Is that something new? I could swear I've seen warnings where you'll be prompted to press play instead.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cheryl! Launching a course on a mobile device will generally display a "startup" page with the play button like this:

After you initially launch your course, video on your second and subsequent slides should play as expected.  By interacting with your content, you're "permitting" your browser to play the videos.

There has been some conversation around Safari 11 not auto-playing videos on a desktop Mac.  We are investigating some ideas on how to work around that new limitation of the browser. 

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