Storyline 360 - Course performance issues - for only some learners

Aug 17, 2020

Hi Articulate team, 

Sharing this to ask if anyone out there is getting similar issues once a published course has been paced on the LMS - built in Storyline 360.

I have a two unit course currently live and some users are getting functionality issues - for some its a button not working or screen freeze for others it is a video not playing.

We have ensured staff are accessing the course via the latest browsers that supports Articulate. The large majority of issues were resolved when we swapped browsers.  I have tested and reloaded the course and reset the course for learners within the LMS and still a handful of about 20 staff to date they are still getting the issues. We still have approx 200 staff yet to complete the course. over 100 have completed the course without issue.

We use Workday as our LMS. 

Any suggested points to research to resolve is much appreciated. 



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Sam Hill

Hi Lee, the issues you are seeing might be related to internet bandwidth speeds. If I see issues such as "video not playing" it can point to there being slow internet connections.

How are your users accessing the content? Are they home based, or using workplace internet connection. I'm considering whether your users could be accessing from home internet connections and competing for bandwidth with the kids playing fortnite.

You can always ask your users to perform a bandwidth speed test to determine if this is an issue or at least discount it as an issue.

There could also be high traffic periods on the LMS (~9:30 in the morning) which could slow things down for some users.

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