Storyline 360 Course Slide Videos not playing during Project Preview nor LMS

Oct 08, 2020

Good Afternoon,

Course only works and plays properly when previewing individual slides or scenes, not when previewing full course. The seekerbar progresses, but video on slides do not play. I checked all settings and triggers and should be fine. I also published and uploaded to Docebo LMS and same issues occurs. There is also a delay for the visuals to appear on the first slide. Does anyone know what might be the issue and solution to this?

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Antonio Cortes

Hey Katie, appreciate it.

I though my team and I found a work around, and that possibly the issue was my laptop, as we found that one out of the three (3) of us was able to access take the course without issues. Unfortunately after changing laptops and doing additional testing, one of my other teammates and I are getting similar issues. Need to send this to the client ASAP for a new hire, and I don't want to risk them facing the same issues. See below the issues I wrote to Support on a new case. I have attached screen captures of the issues and smooth experience while previewing in Storyline. 

"You will notice from the screen captures of my experiences that when viewing the course from the LMS there is a delay before the visuals appear and video plays. Also, the e-mail notification shows a player button to start course, instead of playing automatically as configured, and there is a far longer delay of video playback. If you see the blue progress bar it reached the end before the video completes on both experiences as well, when everything on the project file (triggers, etc.) is programmed properly. Meanwhile, I have no issues when viewing the individual slides in Storyline."

Any other ideas would greatly help.



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