Storyline 360 Course Stuck When Resuming in Mobile Safari

Mar 27, 2018

We created a sample course with the "Prompt to resume" option enabled.  When we test the course on an iPad in the Safari Mobile browser the course will not resume.  We get the prompt (Continue or Restart) buttons and when either of them are tapped a play button appears and it will not play; it just has a the loading icon.  I have attached a screenshot of the player setting and the play button getting stuck.

Is there a setting we need to change or is this a known issue?

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Cristina McGinn

I'm having the same issue with Storyline 3. It seems that the courses that have been exported using the recently updated version (Update 3.315007.0) are displaying the loading icon upon selecting "Continue," this is also happening with Chrome on an iPad. The slides that I'm working on have narration. I can hear the narration, but the screen is dark and displaying the loading icon. Once the slide is complete and moves on to the next, the images appear again. Courses exported with the previous version of SL3 are not displaying this behavior. Hope this info helps and, please advise. Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alan,

Thanks for sharing that. I tested your file, and a new file to experience the same thing. It seemed it only occurred to me once I was on the second slide and had met the completion requirement. Have you noticed that in your courses as well? 

It seemed on slide one I could close out of the course, and it would pick up where I left off, sometimes showing me the prompt and sometimes not showing it to me. I also published with Tin Can API - let me know if you published with a different LMS setting. 

I tested this on an iPhone 6S with iOS 11.2 and an iPad with iOS 11.3 - it would be helpful to know what other iOS systems you're using or testing on. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alan,

Older installers are not available publicly but our Support Team are happy to provide them if needed. Can you reach out to them here and describe the issue you're having that is caused by the latest update? They'll also want to take a look at one of your sample files to confirm we're talking about a known issue (or if we need to file a new bug report). 

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