Storyline 360 Custom Menus by ID

Apr 09, 2020

Good day,

First time on the forum for this issue. I'm working in Storyline 360, latest release as I just updated yesterday. I need to make two custom menus or if possible one menu with a hidden feature only visible to admins. The menu currently includes a contact link and a way to jump slides. I need to hide the ability to jump slides from users that aren't admins.

The way it currently works, they user is asked to enter their ID. If the id matches an admin id, then the slide will show the jump feature. If not, it won't.  Currently, these are two separate menus.

Is there a way to make this work more efficiently? I'm using the modern player without the built-in menus and features.

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Walt Hamilton

If you have lots of time, and want to show off your programming skills, you could make a menu that shows some options to users and others to Admins. Unless you have just a series of plain buttons, it will take a lot of time. What I mean is if you have some sort of enclosure or visual container for the menu, the users will see a partially filled menu, and wonder why, while the Admins will see a filled container. With lots of work and time, you can shrink the container for users, but why bother? Two menus that look the same and occupy the same spot work perfectly well, and can be done with only one trigger. (Put the longer one on top, and show them both when the slide starts. Have a trigger to hide the longer one if the ID is user.)

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