Storyline 360 - Different tabbing order behaviour from preview to published FLASH version

Jan 23, 2017

We decided to explore updating to Storyline 360 today due to tabbing order bugs in Storyline 2.

The bug in SL2 was that when you revisit a page, the tabbing order does not reset so you end up tabbing to the next object in the order rather than starting from the beginning.

Downloaded Storyline 360, previewed the course and the issue was resolved! The tabbing order was working as expected.

Then after publishing and launching in the LMS, the original issue persisted.

This means that Storyline 360 is actually more dangerous with this bug than SL2, since you can no longer identify it during preview but instead, only after upload.

Is there a workaround or is this bug being addressed? I also explored exporting a HTML5 version which FIXED the tabbing issue, but introduced other bugs.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Raf,

I see I just responded to your other question right over here. Again, our Support Engineers will  want to take a look at your file for further testing. If you're using the same file for both issues, feel free to submit just one case for both forum threads, since they are both related to Storyline 360 Accessibility

Also, please be sure to share your case number with me so I can post updates to your threads as new information is available!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Talat, 

I couldn't find a case from Raf so I'm not certain of the exact issue he was running into, but our Support team would be happy to take a look at your files. Are you using Storyline 360 as well or another version of Storyline? 

Does the issue with the tabs not resetting only occur once uploaded to your LMS or in any web server/LMS that you've tried? 

Let me know if you're able to share a file here with our team and they'll be in touch as soon as they've taken a look! 

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