Help! Debugging/problem solving a next button issue when an activity is reset

May 11, 2022

I'm facing two bugs.

Bug 1: The learner takes the course. Then, clicks the Restart button on the "ES Feedack and restart layer". When restarting, the Homelessness Prevention answer choice is gone on the Homeless Definitions-HP layer. 

Bug 2: I changed the Restart button on this version of the project to restart the entire course instead of the slide. That did not solve the issue. On this version, after completing the course and restarting it with the restart button on the "ES Feedback and restart" layer. On this take, the next button does not function on the "SO Feedback" layer.

Here are the answers to speed this up if you look at the example via Review 360.

1) Street Outreach

2) Homelessness Prevention

3)Permanent Supportive Housing

4) Transitional Housing

5) Rapid Re-Housing

6_ Emergency Shelter

Bug 1 Course Preview:

Bug 2 Course Preview:

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Michael,

Sorry to hear about the issues that you encountered. 

I was able to observe the issues that you reported when I tested your project files so I went ahead and created support case 03204750 for you. A member of our support team will reach out to you shortly as soon as they receive the case. 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and for future reference, you can reach out to our support team directly by creating a support case here

Let me know if you need anything else!