Storyline 360 fill-in-the-blank retry issue

Feb 01, 2022

Good morning!  One of our designers has built a quiz containing a fill in the blank question.  When a user fails the quiz, we allow them to retry, however when returning to that question and entering the text entry field the previously entered answer(s) appears in a drop down list.

The retry button has triggers to Reset results, Adjust text entry to blank, and return to the first quiz slide.  We have also tried setting the properties to return to the initial state, yet nothing suppresses this drop down.

How can we prevent those answers from being retained and re-displayed?

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Stephen.

Thank you for reaching out!

Do you see this behavior only after publishing the file? It sounds like it could be the browser's autofill, which is based on each browser's settings and cannot be adjusted from within Storyline. 

While you can adjust those settings in your own browser (here are the instructions for Chrome), it won't affect other users. Here's a discussion that might be helpful for what you're looking to do: