Storyline 360, first page show size with player, when using player

Dear all,

In the past when I used the SL player the first page of the course showed the size/resolution of the page without the player. But now whatever I do the first page always show the size/resolution with the player. The first page looks not nice now, content is concentrated in the middle, then there is the space on both side and it is surrounded with the border color I have set for the player. The space on both size is the space from the player but then divided over left and right side.

Is there a way I can solve this? So the first page only shows the size without the player. It is landscape only, resize browser to fill screen, scale player to fill browser window, no new window. Flash with HTML 5 fall back.

best regards,


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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Eun!

You're seeing extra space on the left and right sides of the first slide because the player needs room for the sidebar menu and glossary on the subsequent slides. 

The good news is, there are two ways you can fix this!

  1. Move the menu and glossary to the Topbar Player tab area. This way you can disable the tabs on the first slide, but it will not add extra space to the width of the player.

  2. Switch to the Modern Player for a more seamless look and feel. It scales smoothly to fill learners’ browsers on every screen, large and small. And it's easy to customize. 

I'd encourage you to explore both of those options to see which one best fits with your design. I hope one of those solutions will work for you!

Eun Rosenkranz

Dear Alyssa,

Sorry for my very late reply, been very busy. I have looked to both of the options but i don't really like them. In the past it would show the first page without those borders. Pity that it showing like this now.

Thank you much for your time!! really appreciated.

all the best