Blank spaces are there on left and right side of the published output

Mar 06, 2019


I'm seeing blank space 0n right and left side of the published output in storyline 2. Is there anyway to make the output occupy whole screen.


I have set the story size to 16:9 and in player properties browser size is resize to fill screen and player size is set to fill browser window

Screenshot is attached for reference.

Please help in this regards



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vijay! 

Storyline slides will fill the screen (as much as possible) without stretching or skewing the slide content. If you see some extra space on the left and right side of the slides, that means the browser window is wider than the slide itself. 

Try increasing the height of the browser window, and you'll see there is less empty space on the left and right sides of the player. 

And remember, each learner's screen size is different, so there's no way to ensure the slide size you choose will fit perfectly in every browser window. Your best bet is to pick a slide size that would fit most widescreen monitors. 

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