Storyline 360 glossary layout has changed

May 05, 2020

I published a course a year back with a glossary using the classic player which shows the glossary terms at the top, with the definitions in a separate panel underneath. See first attachment. Storyline version from meta.xml="3.18.16449.0".

I need to make some changes and have republished and now the glossary looks completely different. See second attachment. Storyline version from meta.xml="3.38.21779.0".

I can't find any option that changes the layout in the player. How do I get this layout back as the client wants it to look the same as it did!


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Karl!

Thank you for the screenshots! The screenshot of the Glossary from 2019 doesn't look familiar to me. Was there a customized player that was imported into Storyline?

You can find previous versions of different players in the Player Properties.

Choose Current Player to pick the Player you want to use. 


Maggie Tang


I'm experiencing the same issue as Karl with the Glossary after upgrading to SL360 from SL3.  Previously there were two windows - the top houses all the terms (and if it's long a scroll bar is automatically added); the bottom houses the definitions. But now it's one window so it's very confusing to differentiate which between terms and definitions as they're all bunched together. You have to basically click on the words, if it's clickable then it's a term, if it's not, it's the definition. Is there a way to change this back to the SL3 layout? I've attached a printscreen of how it should look from SL3; and how it now looks in SL360.

Samuel Barnard

Hi Lauren,

This isn't a custom player option. This is a change Articulate made in an update pushed out to Storyline360 either mid to late last year, or this year (it occured after the project shown in Karl's "2019" screenshot was completed - yes I'm on his team).

The changes made to the player were colours and font, which are built in options. The problem is that with the change into SL360, the layout of the Glossary indicated by the 2019 screenshot Karl has posted effectively got removed and replaced by the one in the "Now" screenshot.

The problem some may have with this 'new' layout of the glossary is it bunches all the terms and their definitions together which, when you have a long list, can make it horrible to read. Having the previous layout meant you highlighted the term and got the definition in a separate box pulling it out from the clump of terms.

Kind regards,


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karl, Sam, and Maggie,

Thank you for sharing the details and the images of your previous glossaries as well as what you're seeing now.

This was an update to Storyline 360 in July of 2019, Build 3.30.19518.0. Inline editing and viewing was a part of this enhancement as well:

Enhanced: Create glossaries easily. Import terms and definitions from a CSV file. Export them to a CSV file so you can reuse them in other projects. And quickly edit them in your player properties without opening a separate window—just click a term or definition and start typing. Learn more.

I've started a feature request with all of your feedback, ideas, and images for us to begin tracking this request.

I wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.


Samuel Barnard

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for sharing the info.

Is it possible that both styles of glossaries are made available?

I feel the glossary as it stands now, although has convenience in creating it from a CSV file, one could argue it has reduced readability as there is not much to differentiate a definition from the terms except for a small indent (and maybe an ever so slight reduction in font size).

Many thanks,


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