New update makes captions way too small

Feb 06, 2020

Yesterday I updated to the newest version of Storyline, 3.36, but quickly discovered that it caused a glitch regarding caption size. Regardless of what I set the player font size to in the player menu, captions would always appear way too small (see attached example).

After reverting to version 3.34, caption size changes correctly when I adjust the setting, and now displays at an acceptable size (see other attachment).

Just wanted to make this bug known!




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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Raymond!

As Ren promised, Update 37 for Storyline 360 is ready! It holds a fix for the issue you reported where Closed captions didn't change size after adjusting the modern player font size, nor did they display consistently when the Player.DisplayCaptions variable was set to true.

To see all the enhancements this version has to offer, follow these steps to update your software. You can also view the release notes right here!

Thank you for helping us make these improvements!

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