Storyline 360 / HTML5 Only: Images and text moving around on the page!

Sep 19, 2018

I've never experienced this one before. I'm publishing for HTML5 only and have the player set to "Scale Player to Fill Browser Window".

The course works perfectly in IE but very strange things are happening in Chrome. But not all of the time! It's happened to a colleague as well and not right away. The text and graphics are all over the place-- rotated, separated into pieces or just not there at all. I've attached a couple of examples. 

Shot 1: used to be an illustration of a truck backing into a loading dock with the dock worker and his cart on the far end. The whole diagram has exploded all over the page.

Shot 3: is a diagram with 6 boxes and arrows pointing to each. It's an interaction showing the steps to taking food temps. Boxes have moved and some have completely disappeared.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Noelle.  Wow, I'm sorry it looks like you're dealing with a mess, and one that doesn't make itself known easily.  😕

From those shots, it looks like this is happening with the course launched in the LMS window.  Here are the things I would test:

  • If you can change the setting, does this behavior still occur when the course launches in its own window?
  • Have you tested this content in SCORM Cloud?  Or in Articulate Review?

If you'd like help exploring, please feel free to attach your .story file here, and I'll run it through Chrome from a few different places.

Noelle T

Thanks Crystal. It is definitely happening when launched in our LMS. I still need to check it in SCORM Cloud and review because it was working ok in those services previously but this is the first time I've published the course since the newest SL360 update. I have to say that the problem is not consistent. Yesterday it was happening to me, then I shut down, cleared my cache and it was fine again. Another colleague was going through it and it was working fine, than it suddenly started to do it. It's just so odd.

Is there a way I can privately send you my file? I'm not sure I have permission to upload it to a public space.

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