Storyline 360 importing the incorrect picture from file

Nov 23, 2020

Hi all,

Since the latest update to build 3.46.23620.0, has anyone else experienced issues where Storyline 360 is not importing the correct picture from file - as in it is selecting an image from the same folder, but not the one selected?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Tina,

Thank you for reaching out! 

While I haven't come across this issue, let's see if we can figure out what is causing this snag! If possible, could I have you share a screen recording of the issue taking place? This would help out greatly to better determine the best next steps. In case this helps, this guide provides more details on using Peek 360:

Drew Darby

I just encountered this today as well...I was pulling from a folder of 50+ images, but Storyline imported the same one every time, regardless of which PNG file I selected.

Eventually I tried placing the intended file in an entirely different location in my C drive (not just a different folder), and that worked. It was only one slide out of 80 that was behaving this way, and when I went back in to replicate it, it's no longer happening.

Just reporting it in case it's relevant. Also, I'm currently in version 3.45.23393.0