Storyline 360: Is there a way to only print out the questions the user got wrong?

Apr 10, 2020

Good morning. We've added a print button to the Exam Summary page for our lesson, but unfortunately it prints off all the questions the user got right and wrong.

We've been showing feedback / correct answers only for the questions that our users have missed, and I was hoping it may be possible to only print the results for the ones they've got wrong, instead of all of them.


This is to prevent them from being able to print out a sheet of paper, and pass it around and it basically has all the right/wrong answers for each question.


Thank you!


EDIT: Worse case scenario we are not against changing internal workings of articulate functions that generate the report (if necessary)

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Katie Riggio

Hey there, David!

Is there a way to only print out the questions the user got wrong?

Currently, Storyline will show correct and incorrect responses on the Print Results page.


With your goal in mind, one idea is to delete the Correct Answer column. You can do this by editing the report.html file in the story_content folder. 


When you find the report.html file, here's what we need to do next:

  1. Open that file in a code editor such as Notepad.
  2. Head over to line 238: { elName: 'th', text: strings.correctAnswer, enabled: !survey},
  3. Delete that line, save the file, and upload the new zipped output. Voilà!

📍For more details on editing the report.html file, check out this article!

Rikiah Pratt


My name is Rikiah Pratt and I an Instructional Designer and I am trying to create a report that doesn't show the correct answer. I have followed these steps and every time I try to upload the zipped file to Sumtotal I get an error. The error is that when I launch the course it just opens up the file, not the course itself. Is there a workaround on this? 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Rikiah!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like after making changes to the report.html file, you've zipped the folder and uploaded it to Sumtotal. 

Here are questions to help me understand what you're running into:

  • What is the error message from Sumtotal? 
  • Did you zip the entire published output folder or certain parts?
  • What file opens when launching the course?

If you have screenshots or screen recordings to display the snag in action, that helps too!

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