Storyline 360: Issues restarting course from lightbox

I have a lightbox slide that discusses how to navigate a course. Within the slide is a button to "restart course". I have also included a duplicate of this slide at the end of Scene 1.

If the user clicks the button while in the lightbox, the course resumes within the lightbox. Thus, I set a grouped trigger to close the lightbox and restart the course. However, this appears to have a bug; the lightbox closes and the screen just shows three dots as if it's refreshing. After 10 minutes, it still showed the dots, and the course had not restarted.

If I click the "Restart course" button from the duplicate slide in Scene 1 (which is not lightboxed), it works perfectly.

Please advise how I may structure the triggers to close the lightbox AND simultaneously restart the course. I've experimented with switching the order of these two actions, but the result is the same. I ungrouped the triggers with no noticeable difference. I changed the trigger within the lightbox to jump to Scene 1 instead of restarting the course at the initial welcome screen. Nothing improved. Can anyone help? I saw nothing about such an issue in any past discussions. I've added a test mock-up of the presentation.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for sharing your file! I believe the issues are related to the order of the triggers, as well as the additional Reset course trigger that isn't necessary for the Lightbox slide.

In the Lightbox slide, I've edited the first three buttons (Restart, Overview, and Menu) and added triggers to close the Lightbox before every action. After testing those three, I didn't run into any issues with the course getting stuck. 

Take a look and see if this helps!