Storyline 360 locks up sometimes when clicking Player button

Jun 27, 2018

I've noticed since the most recent updates that sometimes when I click the Player button (where you edit the Player properties) instead of displaying the Player edit window, the application just locks up. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Will!

When I click the Player button, the player properties window takes 1-2 seconds to open, but it hasn't gotten stuck for me. 

Have you found that Storyline is completely locked when this happens and you have to close it via the task manager? We definitely don't want that happening, since there's a huge risk of losing unsaved work.

Let's try the toubleshooting steps here, and let me know if you see an improvement. If not, we'll get you into a case so our Engineers can do some further digging! 

Brian Miller

I have Windows 10 and this is happening to me. I open Storyline360, open file, or create a new course. When I click Player to adjust the Player configuration, SL360 locks up and I see a ghost-like window trying to open (a new window). It is very odd. This started about a week ago and will not go away. I completely uninstalled A360 and all A360 apps down to registry keys and reinstalled everything. Regardless, SL360>Player continues to lock up SL360. I basically cannot use Storyline anymore. 

Brian Miller

I resolved the issue. I found the answer in a 2015 Community post.

Answer: I have a new 27" monitor in one home office, and a small portable 15" monitor in another home office. When I opened the Player window on my 15" monitor setup the Player was actually open but hidden somewhere in "monitor virtual space".

I went to a single monitor and the problem was resolved.

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