Storyline 360 Publish mistake

Aug 02, 2017

Hi everyone. We're trying to publish course in scorm format.

Our course has several videos. Probably it may be the reason of the problem?
But there is a mistake:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<ErrorReport xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
<FirstName />
<LastName />
<Message>Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.</Message>
<StackTrace> at System.Linq.Enumerable.Sum(IEnumerable`1 source)
at Articulate.Design.Project.CalculateDuration()
at Articulate.Design.Publish.PlayerMeta.CreateMeta(IPlayerService playerService, IProjectMetadata projectMetadata, IQuizData quizData, ISlidesMetadata slidesMetadata)
at Articulate.Design.Project.GetMetaObject(IPlayerService service)
at Articulate.Player.PlayerWriter.ep()
at Articulate.Player.PlayerWriter.Write(IPlayerContentProvider contentProvider)
at Articulate.Design.Publish.TargetContext.PublishBackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e)
at Articulate.ComponentModel.STABackgroundWorker.a(Object A_0)</StackTrace>



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Ali Goulet

Oh no, Elena! Let's get to the bottom of this.

I have a couple suggestions to start out with here:

Keep me know what happens! 

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