Storyline 360 Quiz behavior: Jump to end slide the moment Learner hits the minimum passing score.

I am on Windows 10 with Storyline 360.

Sorry if this has been answered…I may not be asking with the right keywords!

I have a Quiz that is a 90% pass with 50 questions.

Designers want a behavior of the moment the Learner gets 90% 45 questions correct...They get sent to an end page that says “OK you’ve done enough to prove you’re gonna pass so you don’t have to keep going. Bye!” (or something)

I can’t figure out the programming. Is it possible? If yes, what does that programming/triggers/variables look like?

 Thank you!


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Randy Hill

Katie, That is very possible. My first question is what are you using to pass the completion status, # of slides viewed or is it based on the results slide? Putting in a results slide one way or the other will be the easiest way to go to track this, then on each slide, after the user hits submit or whatever you have them pressing to submit a question, you would have a trigger that says something similar to if when submit is pressed and Results.ScorePercent is greater than or equal to 90 go to slide #. That will just need to be on every submit button, then once the 90% is reached the module will jump to the slide you want. 

My question about tracking is because if your tracking by results slide, then no one will ever get 100%. Unless the users won't see their scores then I guess it doesn't matter. Hope that helps.