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Aug 15, 2019

I've created several quizzes in Storyline 360, they are all working great with one exception.  These quizzes are built for an LMS system and everything through the LMS works great as well with one exception.

The exception is when the students work through the quiz and are left at the Results slide, they have a choice to review quiz, which again works great, or Submit quiz results.  When the students click on the Submit button it does not close the Quiz Window and end quiz.  I've looked everywhere and I can't find an option that would force the Results slide to close and end quiz.  

Lastly, the LMS system does receive the quiz results.  My one complaint it that the Results slide does not close with the click of the submit button.

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Randy Hill

Not sure why it is not submitting results to your LMS, that would have to do with the Tracking and recording settings in the Storyline publisher. As for closing the course, and this only works when in an LMS, add a trigger onto the submit button that exits course when user clicks the button. Attached are the triggers I have on my result slide. I only have an exit button as on this one I am not allowing them to retry the quiz.

Joe Velasquez

Thanks Randy, the LMS reporting is working fine.  When the students click on Submit button from within the LMS system, the Results slide does not close.  They are having to manually close the Window.  I'm using the default players Submit button so I don't have direct access to the Submit button.

Our company has transitioned us to the Articulate product line so I had to convert all these quizzes from Adobe Captivate to Storyline 360.  I've got around 40 quizzes that are all doing this.  I suspect that if I go back and re-work them and make a Custom Results slide I'll get things to work the way I want--trying to avoid this rework.

Thanks for the help ...


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