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I have a 10 scene package (in Storyline 2) with 1 or 2 question quizzes in each scene. These quizzes are just to enhance the learning and not required as assessment.

I would like students to run through the course, get to the "results" slide I have created and click the "finish" button to complete. (this is setup to submit results).

They are then taken to an exit slide.

I'm unsure how to get the package to simply report a completed status back to the LMS (Scorm 1.2).  What settings do I need in the results slide to basically ignore the quiz results and submit a "complete" result on button click.

Also not sure on the best publish settings re: tracking etc. to achieve this.

I have tried many configurations with no luck!



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Wendy Farmer


you could report by number of slides visited so that when the learner visits the final slide that can report 'complete'.

Here is a blog about troubleshooting LMS issues, but it might give you some ideas about how to approach it

John Burton

 Thanks Wendy, I think that want I actually want is a simple Button to "Complete" the course.  So to simplify my question: how would I build a plain course with a completed button that sends a "completed" signal back to the LMS.  Is the only way by a page count or can the button become a sort of Quiz answer?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

If you set that button up as part of an actual quiz question - you could use that as a scoring mechanism that is reported to a results slide. Maybe look at using the "pick one" question type and just add that button and ensure it's set as the correct choice. You'll likely want to disable the feedback (so that the user doesn't see a correct/incorrect layer) and I'd change the submission trigger to submit the interaction when the state of the button is "selected". You'll need to include an results slide that is tracking that question, and the user will  need to visit that slide - but you can change how it looks and maybe include a message that says something like - "You've completed the course. You can now exit by closing the browser window, etc."

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

You'll need a results slide to actually have the results submitted and the user will need to visit that slide - but how it looks is totally up to you so you can easily change it to hide all references to the "results" if you'd like. 

Let us know how you get on with that tutorial and if you have any other questions.