Storyline 360 Quiz: Timer resets when course is relaunched

Jun 21, 2019

We've created an assessment with a 90 min timer on it and if a learner were to close and relaunch it, the timer automatically resets back to 90 instead of continue counting down from how much time they had left from their previous session.

Our set up involves using Storyline's built in timer functionality from the result slide's properties.


There are 3 possible solutions that I can go with:

  1. Confirm if this is a Storyline functionality issue. If yes, then we can wait for a software update. If no, then maybe our working file is broken or that we didn't set it up properly.
  2. Build our own timer.
  3. In our working file's player options, we can set the On restart behavior to Never Resume. That way, the learners will always have to start in the beginning, in which the timer will always properly reset.


Can I get the community's help in verifying option #1?



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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Patrick. Thanks for bringing this scenario to our attention!

I consulted with our team on your first question, and Storyline only updates resume data when changing slides. Thus, we can expect that the quiz timer will reset to the start time when landing on a question slide. 

You've got some crafty approaches in mind, and I'll also open the floor to the community for a brainstorming session.

Dear, community: What option would you recommend for Patrick to take from here? 

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