Storyline 360 renaming fonts on import to invalid font names

Hi all,

I work for a company that translates lots of eLearning.

For about a year now, we've had a problem with Storyline changing the names of fonts on us during translation import.

The best example is a recent one.

We made Word exports from SL. Had them translated. Course font was Georgia. Which supports basically all European languages.

I checked the translated exports in Word and it was just "Georgia"
Upon import, some locations had the font name changed, which broke the formatting and Storyline substituted.

This came up in Turkish, Russian and Polish all had the font name appended to

Georgia Tur

Georgia Cry

Georgia CE

It did not do this for Spanish, French, Italian

It did not do this in every text box, but enough it added significant time to the job that is really not acceptable. This happens for all users on my team (9 people).

We've also seen it, when we've had Japanese->English jobs, and it adds  "Western" to the end of font names.


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Franz Müller

Please find attached three sample files:

  1. File1: The original file with "Trebuchet MS". In this example the text is already in Turkish.
  2. File2: Here you see the MS Word export. No further changes have been made.
  3. File3: This is the storyline file after importing File2. The font is "Trebuchet MS Tur" and when I close and reopen the file, Storyline tells me that this font is not installed.

Please let me know how long you will need to fix this problem as checking and correcting the text is very time consuming.