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Katie Riggio

Welcome, Zachary. You came to the right place for help!

To start, I previewed your course and then published it Review 360 using Storyline 360, Update 31 β€“ here's the URL to the published output!

I also run into the loading icon before the Results slide in both views. I'm not finding anything in your settings that would cause that to happen, so I'm going to share this with our Support Engineers for a closer look.

They'll reach out to you from support@articulate.com after carefully analyzing your file, and I'll follow the conversation along. We'll figure this out together!

Rebecca Ferriday

I'm having the same problem - MCQ slides are reporting each answer as 'correct' or 'incorrect' as they should, but everything then just freezes after submitting the final answer and the results slide just doesn't open.

I've spent 4 hours today looking at the various triggers, and they're all as they should be - so I'm not sure why this is happening (it never has before!)

File attached. ANY assistance woulds be great, as we are due to have over 1000 students using this package in a couple of weeks!

Thank you!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Rebecca!

Thank you so much for sharing your file with us! I was able to see what is causing the course to freeze before entering the result slide.

The variables were based on Results Slide 1 rather than Results Slide. This usually happens when you add a few results slides even if you delete them. I duplicated the results slide and edited the variable %Results1.ScorePercent%% to %Results.ScorePercent%%.

And that did the trick! I'm going to attach the .story file to this discussion.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Victoria!

Thanks for sharing your set-up with us! I ran into freezing and blank content on all four results slides. 

My hunch is that the blank base slide layers were causing these oddities. Removing each result slide and reinserting new ones did the trick. Here's a short recording of the steps.

Have a look at the attached modified file and published output right here. Let me know what you think! 


Hello. I am also stuck on the results slide and replacing it with a fresh slide did not fix the issue. I had only modified the default slide by adding the following:

  1. Two triggers that's supposed to determine the next slide depending on whether the user passed or not.
  2. A text field on the failure layer.

I have 10 presentations set up the same way and only 2 are acting up. Please advise.


Ren Gomez

Hi Charlie,

I appreciate you attempting to rebuild the results slide, but I'm sorry it didn't help resolve the issue! Are the correct result variables being referenced on your triggers?

Since you have other presentations built the same way and you see success there, feel free to share your problematic .story file with our support engineers to take a closer look and offer guidance!

Don Finch

Hello. I am also having issues with the Results slide failing to load. After the last question of the quiz, the screen goes dim and three dots repeat across the center of the screen.

I am fairly certain it is related to the instance of "Results.*" variables I am referencing but I've tried various combinations without success.

Storyline 360 v3.73.29904.0, Dell Precision7550

I had an existing SL file with a quiz in it, and results slide. In changing to a new template and layout I inserted a new results slide from our template, and then deleted the original.

I now have TWO sets of Results.Passpercent and one set of Results2.Passpercent (and all the other variants). I assumed it was a matter of picking a matched set for the Results slide and calculation to determine Success or Failure layer.

Oddly, the "Results.Scorepercent" seems to keep picking the same instance, even if I am careful to select the other one.

I have tried deleting the quiz AND the results and starting over, but all these variables remain.

Is there a way to completely reset the built-in Results variables to just one set? Or a way to know which variables "Submit Results" is actually loading?

Don Finch

Well, I have remedied the situation by removing the offending quiz questions and results slide.

Then I created a new SCENE, inserted a Draw from Question Bank slide, and inserted my Template's Results slide after that.  This time it created variables called "Quiz1.PassPercent" etc.

It just worked.  The duplicate set of "Results.PassPercent" are no longer there, just one instance. And the "Results2.PassPercent" set is still there, though I don't think ANYTHING is connected to them.

Overall I'd say this functionality is quite idiosynchratic.

Mona Meyer

Thanks for this. A coworker actually helped me fix this. Putting the quiz questions into a question bank fixed the problem. Still not sure why it wasn't working with individual questions, but at least it's working!

Mona Meyer
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