Storyline 360 Review Quiz Button Not Working

Nov 14, 2017

I'm having an issue with the quiz I built in Storyline 360. Everything works fine, but when I try to use the Review Quiz button that I inserted on my results slide, it won't take me to anything, almost like the trigger isn't working, but it won't let me change the trigger.

I can't share the course because I signed a confidentiality agreement with the client, but I did attach pictures of the slide and the triggers. And if you have any clarifying questions, please let me know!

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Crystal Horn

Hmm...I'm not sure why that functionality would be lost in Preview but not in the published output.  Unless, Trevor, you meant that when you view the output right out of the publishing window, it fails.  In that case, sometimes viewing output locally just doesn't work as well as hosting the content online due to browser restrictions.

I'm glad that creating a new Review button worked for you, Amanda.  When everything else looks ok, that's been my fallback option, too.  

Let us know if you need more help!  Great job, Community!  ❤️

Rory Lavender

Just adding a very recent experience as an FYI. The Review quiz button has stopped working for us on text entry interactions ONLY. Skill checks like T/F, drag and drop and multiple choice work fine. If we have a scene with all non text-entry interactions, Review quiz works. The moment we add a text-entry interaction, Review quiz fails. If I use the menu to access only the hotpot question, Review quiz works. If I retake the quiz with one text entry interaction plus the same hotspot interaction as before, it fails.

I have fallen back to previous versions of our template and none work for text entries. Though, I do have one in Review360 that works from DEC19. When I published to Revew360 again, it fails. Text-entry interactions in Preview, Review360, Scorm Cloud and our LMS all fail. 

When I take the exact same Results slides from one scene with text entries and copy it to a scene with no text entries, it works fine.

I have rebuilt the Results slide several times, including buttons.

A case has been opened.

**Update - I have since replicated the problem on new recordings not using our template**

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