Storyline 360 Review slide issue

Jun 16, 2023

Apologize if this has been answered (could not find my specific issue). I created an assessment where each question has one attempt. The results slide works great, however, when I go to review the questions the ones with correct responses work fine. However, some of the incorrect will appear with the incorrect slide layer showing instead of the actual question with the incorrect banner at the bottom. I've attached photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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Betti Salmieri

Almost there! Switching the triggers worked for all but the 2 text entry slides. The incorrect layer is set properly, but I have an extra trigger under Text Entry that is unassigned. It's almost like it wanted to duplicate it, but I can't delete the unassigned one. Those also do not seem to be included in the final score. I intentionally got those questions wrong and they showed up as correct. Slides 1.7, and 1.12.

Ron Price

Is there a reason you removed the Submit Interaction triggers from your quiz quesitons and replaced them with the Show correct and incorrect layers?  Storyline quizzing seems to work better when you let it do the heavy lifting.  The SUbmit interaction trigger is a more stable option.  This could be the source of some of the issue.

Betti Salmieri

I guess that's how I was taught. However, that being said, I did discover that the text entry slides were not created as quiz slides. I recreated them and that seemed to work. The only issue I'm having now is that when I review the slides, on the text entry slides I'm getting this extra text on the review slide?