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Tom Kuhlmann

If there was a variable, wouldn't you have to paste the reference on every slide?

You could use a text variable and then a trigger to change the name of the variable based on the scene. Place that trigger in the slide master and then apply the same layout to the slides in a given scene. Thus it would change the title based on the scene

Robert Stewart

No, Storyline 360 has additional variables that use can put text placeholders that display slide number, slide name, etc. - No need to cut and paste or use triggers as they work on the Master slide too. However, they forgot to add a Scene Name placeholder.  Seems like every competition have had these features for the last 10 years.

Kevin Backs

I have a text variable called ChapterName. In the master slide, I have a text box that contains [%ChapterName% (Page %MenuSection.SlideNumber% of %MenuSection.TotalSlides%].

It works fine, as long as I make sure that I include a trigger to set %ChapterName% on every possible entry point to every scene (basically, that means setting a trigger on every slide). This not too bad because I can duplicate slides as I'm setting up a scene. BUT... and this just happened to me today... I have been asked to rename one of the scenes. Granted, it's only 50 slides (and I get paid by the hour) but it's still pretty tedious.

It would be VERY handy, since you already offer %Menu.SlideTitle% and %Menu.SectionNumber%, if the scene title was also made available -- something like %Menu.SectionTitle%.


Kevin Backs

Hi Lauren,

I have submitted it as a feature request.

I have to say, the way that the page numbers are exposed is brilliant! That actually makes it a bit frustrating that the scene names are not exposed.

Kevin Backs

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Kristoffer Høgberg

Any news on this Lauren? Just like Kevin I have a loooot of slides I need to change (but I don´t get payed by the hour). On a sidenote, you should implement a voting system on proposed functionality on the roadmap site, I´m guessing there are alot of people who experience the same issues as a lot of the posters in the forum threads and not speaking up, it could increase the retention rate if you made a customer centric change like this. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Kristoffer,

No updates yet, but we'll be sure to jump into this discussion as soon as there's any news to share.

I also appreciate the feedback on a voting system! We're focused on getting customer feedback and feature requests the best way possible, so I'd be happy to bring this up internally with our team for further discussion, thanks!