Storyline 360 Slide Trigger Help

Jun 07, 2020

Hello all, I am having an issue that is probably obvious yet I am going in circles. I have searched the issue but what I found didn't work

I have a slide with 8 events (layers) each event has multiple layers, I jump from a layer on the slide to a knowledge check slide, I need to jump back to another layer on the original slide from the continue button on the KC. However when I do it jumps back to the last layer that I went to the KC from.  It will jump back to the original slide base layer if I have it set to reset to initial state, but that is not what I need. What am I missing?  I have tried all types of trigger scenarios with no luck (maybe I just need a beak :-) ) I created a work around by moving the slide after the KC to before it but that isn't the way it was intended to play.  Yet then all my triggers to go through the events in order get messed up.


Any suggestions?  This is a confidential course so I can not post the .story file.



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