Jump to a specific layer in a slide

May 02, 2014

Hello to all of you out there,

For a project I have created a slide with a number of layers. These layers can be activated through hotspots placed on the base layer. From the specific layers of the slide I jump to screencast recordings in other scenes.

The problem I am dealing with now, is that I want to make a button at the end of a screencast which brings me back to the specific layer it was activated from. That’s where I get struck, because I can create a trigger to jump to a slide, but I cannot tell Storyline it has to be a specific layer within this slide. Is there a solution (or workaround) for this problem?

I know I  can create screencast layers within the original slide, but that would mess up the logic in my project. A suggestion would therefore be most welcome.

Thanks, Johan

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Stephane Cyr

 I'm a new user to Storyline and I see that this question was posted 7 months ago, but I was facing the same issue. The solution I found is to simply use a button on the target slide that jumps to slide and points to the previous slide. The previous slide is in fact the last slide you were on before jumping to the target slide. It will bring you back to the specific layer you were on.

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