Triggers and slide layers

Nov 08, 2012

I would like to jump to a quiz from one of my slide layers, and then have the last slide of the quiz jump back to a specific layer from the previous scene. Is that possible?

It is easy enough to put a trigger in to have the layer jump to the quiz, but getting back seems to be more difficult. I can have it jump to a slide, but have yet to figure out how to have it jump to a layer within the slide.

Please help.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi John, I remember someone asking for help on this a while back and I can up with a solution that worked for him, but I can't  find the thread.

If I recall correctly, you can do this but you need to create a variable to keep track of whether or not the last page of the quiz has been vistied.

So create a true/false variable and call it QuizVisited and set the inital value to false.

On the last slide of the quiz - create a slide trigger that adjusts the value of the variable to true when the timeline starts. Have the button or whatever it is the user clicks to go back to the slide with the layer - set to jump to the slide.

Now on the slide that has the layer you want to jump to - add a slide trigger that says show layer x when the timestarts and add a conditon that says if the variable QuizVistied is equal to true.

So you actually jump back to the main slide, but the trigger tells Storyline to go immediately to the slide layer if the variable is true.

This will solve your immediate problem, but if you don't want this slide to jump to the layer every time the user goes back to it - you might have to add another trigger to set the variable back to false when the timeline ends.

Hope this helps and is not too rambling. Let me know if you need clearer instructions.

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