Storyline 360 unable to move triggers up or down using the new trigger panel

Dec 07, 2020

For several months now, across multiple projects, using the new trigger panel, I've found it increasingly difficult to move a trigger up or down in the trigger panel to change its order. The trigger arrows at the top of the panel are grayed out. It doesn't happen to every trigger but a significant number of them will not move up past a certain point. And yes, I'm talking about triggers on a single object, not moving it up to a different object. 

At this point, in the current project I'm working on, I've had to convert back to the old trigger panel, to finish the job, but I understand this will be disabled in January, leaving me dead in the water. Please advise.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Bill!

You cannot move some triggers randomly because the new trigger panel has been designed to be more intuitive than the classic panel. It recognizes the target objects and conditions and sorts them out to which triggers can be moved along the other triggers. If you'd like our team to take a look at your project to confirm this is what you're running into, please use this link to connect with a Support Engineer.

Jeffrey Riley

I just had the same problem. I had several triggers set for cue points. I then realized I had to change the order and put in new triggers. As per the software, it added the trigger at the bottom but it needed to go to the top. But, I cannot move the triggers. Not happy with this way of how triggers work. To solve it, I had to delete all my triggers and start over. Waste of time.

Kari McKay

I'm in the same boat. I'm having issues with my cue point triggers. I've spent hours turning off each one and then back on again. As other's have mentioned, it's very frustrating not being able to sort them based on timeline order. I finally decided to google the issue only to find that users have been asking for this feature for at least 5 years. I tried to move them manually, but to no avail. It makes troubleshooting difficult.