Storyline 360 - Using Audio in markers - don´t stop the other sounds.

Apr 19, 2017

When I use markers with audio to play when user clicks. If you click a new marker before the audio ends it will play all sounds at the same time...

Is this a known problem in 360 (I think I read about this before but can´t find it now)

I can´t use triggers because the audio is in the markers?

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Josefin Westlund

Thanks but It's not that I won't let them click its that I want the sound to stop when they click another marker. (And when I have the sound in a marker I cant find how I know when its completes like sounds in timeline?)

I have built similar slides without markers because I wanted another design. This time I use the markers to a icon with a ear for them that want to listened to written text. It works good when I use one marker. But on this slide I want to use 5. I have isolated this slide so you can see it. Its the blue icon with a ear. If you klick the headers to left you get a icon for each text.

When I search here in old post it seems to bee something that should work automatically? 

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