Markers not playing audio

Dec 08, 2014

Hi there!

I have several markers on a slide that should open when clicked to display text, image, and play audio. For some reason when I preview the slide, none of the marker audio plays!

  • I have separate audio on the slide that is working. 
  • The markers will play when I ask it to preview the audio directly and I can also open it in the audio editor.
  • Choosing the "Audio Only" option will play the audio, but then the visual aspects are gone.

I use markers a lot in my courses and have never encountered this issue before. I am wondering if there is a new setting in Story Line 2 that I am unfamiliar with or something?


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Anna La Mont

Just saw this post as I was trying to fix a similar issue.

Took me half a day, and I realized this - you must leave the marker title intact (even if you don't need  a title) and put your marker text in the description.

This way both audio and clickability of the marker itself will work. My markers didn't play audio and were behaving as hover-type, when I realized the problem.

Hope this helps someone :)


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