Storyline 4, IE11 ande Moodle problems

Jan 10, 2014


I'm publishing content in Storyline (Update 4) for LMS with HTML5 support. I upload to Moodle and the cause launches fine on IE10, Safari 7, Firefox etc.

When I launch the course via Moodle using IE11, I get the course pop-up window but nothing appears to be happening, I have to "expand" the window in IE11 for the course to then load.

I've tried different window sizes, 100% size, etc and nothing happens until I manually expand the window myself using the "__" button/tab in the top-right of the IE screen.

Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

I looked for other threads that were specific to IE11, and since it's fairly new there wasn't much to go on. I did find one, where someone suggested checking the ActiveX controls - but in that scenario there was a popup or script error. Lastly, have you checked to see if it's the combination of Moodle and IE11? You could use a site such as SCORM Cloud or Tempshare to see how it displays in another environment. If in SCORM Cloud or just in a web server version it's still displaying odd in IE11 can you share the .story file with us so that we can test it out? If it's happening in just Moodle, you may want to check to see if they have any similar reports or information to share. 

Evelyn Hamm

We run into the same problem with Storyline & moodle. All other modules - produced with another authoring software -  are working fine. We found out, that we have to reload the page 3 times. After that the module works. But that is unfortunately not a good workaround for our learners.

Is there any idea what could cause this behavior?!

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