Storyline and Moodle Certificate Plugin

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Here's my issue. I created a course that contains a series of video activities. I used Storyline to upload the videos via SCROM to Moodle (1.9) so they can be housed on the our Moodle site. The user needs to view all the videos related  to each topic, once done they will be able to print a certificate from Moodle Certificate plugin. There are no quiz questions at the end of the videos.

Here's the question:

Does anybody have a suggestion for a trigger that I can include that will act like a quiz so Moodle's Certificate plugin will recognize when the user actually views all videos in the course?

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Phil Mayor

Are you using Moodle 2 onwards?

If you are you can use completion status.

You need to set a grade for each Scorm in the grade book.  When you upload your scorm set it to learning objects.  In the gradebook add the pass a 1 (it can only be 1 or 0)

In the certificate you need to ensure the certifcate can only be accesed when a pass grade has been achieved in each course (video)

There is no trigger to unlock a certificate.

If you are using 1.9 you can also do this using grade

Phil Mayor

I don't think you can do minimum minutes for the certificate in moodle, you most likely could build this into Storyline using a custom timer and a slide that can only be accessed once they complete an minimum time and set a number of slides on completion that cannot be met without accessing that slide

Barbara Herman

FYI - Here is the Moodle blurb about time limits to receive certificate:

"Enter here the minimum amount of time, in minutes, that a student must be logged into the course before they will be able to receive the certificate."

I'm thinking it should an extra insurance policy

Barbara Herman

They could, but we have our site set up if there is no activity for 15 minutes it logs them out and the number of minutes they need to get the certificate is very high. As with any online course, like this, they will be able to start the video and walk away that is their choice but it will not help them when they have to take the test at a learning center. The certificate from the Moodle site will be their "ticket" to the final exam, so to speak.