Storyline and MP4 videos on Android

Feb 04, 2016

Hi All,

I'm seeing discussions from a year (or so) ago regarding Articulate / Storyline not supporting Android tablets.   I'm running 5.1 on a new Dell Venue and my streaming MP4 videos (hosted on Kaltura) won't play, OR only the audio plays.   Can I ask for the latest information on Storyline and the Android OS?

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Dave Lucas

Thanks for this info Michael.   I should have qualified my note.   I am getting reasonable performance / functionality in my publish on the Android device, but the video I've embedded is not playing.   I can get the audio track to run (which seems odd), but no visual?    I'm using to house / stream the videos-    any insight / advice as to what the issue might be?   (it does run fine on a Windows desktop, but not an iPAD)

Phil Mayor

I meant the player provided by Kaltura looking at their embed code it automatically decides i wondered if you could set it to only load the HTML5 player, but expect you have already tried this.

I am not sure about videos on layers not run into that one. Have you tried putting on vimeo and seeing if it works? won't fix your problem but may see if it is the video or the device both.

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