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May 31, 2012

how do you publish your storyline project to sharepoint servers. I understand that sharepoint doesn't accept html. is that true.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Assuming you're not tracking, you can also embed Storyline output into a SharePoint page using the HTML IFRAME or OBJECT tags.  You can also edit the story.html file to change the size of the output to fit on your SharePoint page.

We did this all the time with Presenter or Engage content.  worked very well.

Also, again, if you are not tracking, you should be able to use explorer within SharePoint and copy your Storyline content directly to your SharePoint server/directory and then link to it from a SharePoint page.

Allan Bowyer


We have Sharepoint 2007 as our corporate intranet platform. We have been able to publish Storyline content, but we ran into some issues for iPad viewing. As Gerry said, you do the following:

1) Create a document library (name it "Storyline" or something memorable)

2) Open that document library in Windows Explorer

3) Copy all of the Storyline files and folders from your PC into that document library.

4) Right-click on the story.html file in the document library to get the link

5) On your Sharepoint page, add a new web part, "Page Viewer Web Part". In the tool pane, you paste the link to your story.html file. If you're proficient in HTML, you could also embed the code in a Content Editor Web Part


In our case, we ran into some issues related to the iPad. I suspect these are primarily Sharepoint issues rather than Storyline issues, but here's what happened:

-When accessing our Sharepoint from the iPad, users have to log in with their corporate ID. Launching the "story.html" file from Safari tries to open the Articulate Mobile Player, but that gives an "Access Denied" message.

-Playing the content through the Safari browser worked OK except for videos. Apparently something in our Sharepoint infrastructure doesn't load enough of the video into the browser. When videos were short (like a step-by-step tutorial through Screen Recording), this problem didn't occur.


You can work around these iPad/Sharepoint limitations (at least the ones we encountered) through the following:

#1: Hosting Storyline content outside the Sharepoint environment and embedding the story.html file into the Sharepoint page as described above. The solution permits video viewing AND offline storage in the Articulate App.

#2: If you don't/can't host somewhere else, you can upload just your videos to a streaming server (i.e. a private YouTube channel or something equivalent) and then embed the video URLs into your Storyline. This solution permits video viewing, but does NOT permit download into the Articulate App.

#3: (untested) I've been told by our IT department that a VPN connection through the iPad (as opposed to a login) could solve the App access.

Hope this is helpful.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Haley and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into.

When you mention, "I copy the sharepoint link and paste it on the publish window", I'm curious if you are referring to the Folder:

I'd recommend using a local drive, typically your C: Drive, to publish and then you can upload the output to SharePoint.

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