Storyline BAK File help?

I was in the middle of a large project - I save every 30 minutes.   Last night I save the presentation and double checked that it saved at 8:11pm perfectly - so I shut down my computer.  This morning when I went to open it, it said that the Storyline presentation did not save correctly and it asked if I wanted to send an error message to Articulate - which I did.  Then it asked if I wanted to save the last version - but it indicated that the last saved version was at 3:26pm.   It shows a Storyline BAK file (see attached picture)....that apparently has the missing work, but no one can figure out how to open it.  Thoughts?  The horrible thing is my project is due tomorrow!

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Kari,

Try renaming Safety 2012.BAK to Safety 2012B.story...

To do that:

1) In windows explorer, go to Tools-->Folder options

2) Click the View tab

3) Untick "Hide extensions for known file types" and then click Apply, OK.

4) Now that you can see the extension rename the BAK file as above.

5) Then launch it.

With any luck, you'll have your work back, in which case you should make another save.

Hope it helps,


Alexandros Anoyatis

I'm sorry about that. It's happened to me once, with a much bigger file, but Storyline was able to read the file.

There's only one more thing I could suggest (don't get your hopes up just yet).

 Open Storyline and start a new project and then try importing the file using the articulate button on the top left of the ribbon (import -->Storyline file).

If your slides show up, just press Import and wait for that to happen (it will take time).

Fingers crossed,


Kari Cummings

Finally got hold of someone who told our IT person....   There may be a software problem that caused the error.  The advice was to work on storyline on a desktop/laptop harddrive rather than on a network if you are remoting into the network.  I happened to be telecommuting and using a VPN access....therein was the problem.  I lost 5 hours worth of work that I have to recreate....but I will be backing up every presentation on my hard drive from now on!

Thanks for your help Alex!